Audiences around the world have cheered and rejoiced at the impossible antics of the robotic mime and other lovable characters.

Their characters are dumb, talkative, exuberant, roguish and always funny.

Stage Show

Stage Show

paradox-parodieClowns, mimes, robots? 

Young and older kids are won over by their irresistible mimicry, the hilarious mime and the impressive movements of the robot.

You’ll see a magic suitcase float in the air, an impressive hula hoop act and an imaginary fly give trouble to our two clowns!

When Paradox the Robot invites a child to join him on stage, it’s a funny human robot that he reveals to us!

The Paradox and Parodie show is 50 minutes long.

Come meet this incredible mime, this very funny clown, the Charlie Chaplin look-alike… and more! Guaranteed laughter and a lot of public participation!

Here’s a simple and economical way to present a quality show at your school or daycare!



“Good show! Bravo! The children really laughed.”

“It was very funny, as much for the children as for us.”

“They were quite amazed, from kindergarten to Grade 6.”

“The children always like to take part and to be actors in this kind of event.”

— Teachers of St-André School, Commission scolaire de Saint-Hyacinthe

“It is a creative and different show, very visual which offers the children another side of theatre.”

— Notre-Dame School, Commission scolaire des Navigateurs

“Your concern for details has impressed many students. They were filled with awe in front of so much magic and the realism of the robots. During the performance, there is mime but also comedy, which allows laughter in abundance. Bravo!”

— Arc-en-Ciel School, Commission scolaire des Premières-Seigneuries

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