Audiences around the world have cheered and rejoiced at the impossible antics of the robotic mime and other lovable characters.

Their characters are dumb, talkative, exuberant, roguish and always funny.

Mime Workshop

 Invite your students to discover the captivating world of mime and acting with the workshop The Fascinating World of Mime. The goal of the workshop is to introduce them to body language using short exercises of concentration and relaxation. It aims to introduce them to the culture and history of mime and the influence it still has to the present-day. They realize they can stay completely still, first technique to master in acting and mime. Then they learn basic techniques of mime, such as robotic mime, slow motion, the ‘’wall’’ etc. At the end of the workshop, students will have some tools to enable them to better control their bodies, their emotions and their breathing.

The younger kids have a great time: the older students find it “cool”. Did you know that Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk comes from classical pantomime?

The Fascinating World of Mime, a new way to mix a fun-filled activity with education!

This workshop is for elementary and high school students. It is regularly given to drama classes. The workshop is offered in English or French for immersion students.

For several years, André Clérin brings laughter and fascination by teaching mime in festivals and schools.

André Clérin is part the the Artists at School Répertoire. More information »

“Mr. Clerin’s workshops were exciting to watch, a lot of fun to participate in, and highly informative.”

— Paul Barker, Workshop Organizer and Teacher, Valcartier Elementary School

“The students benefited greatly from their exposure to Mr. Clerin’s enormous talent. Through a very well planned presentation the performer was able to demonstrate, transmit and ultimately transpose his skill and knowledge to the students.”

–Philip Joycey, Principal Holland School

“The pupils nickname you the magician. We especially appreciate the fact that you are capable of captivating as much the kindergarten as the Grade 6. It is a tour de force of your part to adapt yourself in this way.”

— Principal and Teachers, École Le Carignant and l’École de l’Oasis

“It was an entertaining and instructive workshop. We were amazed by Mr Clérin’s faculty to adapt himself to the needs of the various clienteles.”

— Teachers, École de la Courvilloise

“He also gave some tips to the teachers that they can use in their class.”

— Principal and Teachers, École Félix-Antoine-Savard and École Marguérite d’Youville

“The students followed this workshop with enthusiasm and we greatly appreciated the artistic and pedagogical competences of Mr. Clérin.”

— Danielle Barbeau, Artistic Coordinator, École de cirque de Québec

André Clérin teaches at the acting school Mode è arto in Quebec City. He participated in the first mission of the One Drop Foundation in Nicaragua.

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