Audiences around the world have cheered and rejoiced at the impossible antics of the robotic mime and other lovable characters.

Their characters are dumb, talkative, exuberant, roguish and always funny.

Paradox the Robot

Paradox the Robot

Montréal Congress CenterAndré Clérin can enliven an event or a party with his humorous and impressive characters.

  • He mingles with the guests during the cocktail.
  • The supper can be punctuated with dynamic numbers between the services.
  • It keeps the evening moving.
  • It keeps guests entertained.
  • It can make a long evening seem a lot shorter.
  • It can fill time.
  • It can give people memorable experiences that they’ll never forget.
  • It’s a great photo taking opportunity for your people.
  • It’s original art mixed in with a meal.
  • André Clérin can also create custom-made characters for your event. To give a prize or introduce a guest, his French and English talent of Master of Ceremonies will make very guest feel special and included. If your guests talk different languages, it can also bridge the language gap.
  • With 3 decades of solid experience, André Clérin has performed clean and efficient entertainment for major corporate events and more intimate groups.
  • Don’t take any risks; contact Andre for a successful evening!
  • 418-649-5319 /

Although the Montreal and Quebec City area is where he does most of his corporate events, his universal language of pantomime has entertained audiences at major events around the world for 30 years.



Paradox the Robot Stage Act

Here is Paradox the Robot, still as can be. The public, intrigued, observes him with fascination. At last he moves!
His mechanical movements are of a surprising agility.
As Paradox strolls through the audience, excitement begins to stir. When he goes back to the stage with a volunteer, the tension dissolves into great bursts of laughter until the end of the act.
The volunteer is always an important and popular member of the event. It gives the act and the evening a very personalized touch.
Paradoxically, this robot is really human!

Charlie Chaplin

Everybody loves Charlie who seems to walk straight out of a black and white silent movie. Of an exuberant enthusiasm, he dances, seduces the ladies and greets everybody.  Everyone recognizes this extraordinary clown, maybe the greatest, that was Charlie. Photo opportunities happen quicker than a flash!


Casimir the Insecure Security Guard

Casimir keeps everybody on line in line! This colourful private is all bluff and bluster. He’s an insecure and cowardly security guard, barely keeping up with all of the chaos he makes for himself. Casimir’s 17th century style costume adds a nice visual touch to the evening. This character is ideal to move your guests from the cocktail to the ballroom in a very humorous and efficient way.

Mr.  Soup

There goes Mr. Soup, a thin-skinned, life-loving French chef, who makes everybody laugh at the buffet or at suppertime. This character is inspired by Andre Clerin’s mother born and raised in Marseilles along the French Riviera. Mr. Soup’s French accent and very funny expressions come naturally to Andre.

Press and Testimonies

Press and Testimonies

“You must see him. His work is absolutely extraordinary.”

— CBC television

“His imitations always bring belly laughs.”

— Brisbane World Fair, Australia

“His act of the imprisoned man caught in an invisible cage causes amazement and fascination.”

— Le Journal de Québec

“The way he interacts with people is awesome.”

— CKRM for Buffalo Days, Regina, Saskatchewan

“He made us laugh this Canadian mime.”

— La Voz de Michoacau, Mexico

“He brings a level of expression and interactivity to mime that can only be accomplished through experience and skill.”

— Northlands Productions, Capital Ex, Edmomton, Alberta

“On request, he renewed his repertoire maintaining a high professional level.”

— The General Director, Québec City International Summer Festival

“His work has been hailed by many as being unique entertainment and suitable for all ages.”

— Vancouver World Fair



  • USA Merrill Lynch Winner’s Circle, Québec City Congress Centre
  • Pontiac Dealership Management, New Orleans Congress Centre
  • National Hockey League for the 100th anniversary of the Stanley Cup, (Guy Lafleur, Wayne Gretzky, Owners of Disneyland and Disney World), Théâtre Capitole, Québec City
  • Cirque du Soleil, IBM, Théâtre Capitole, Québec
  • International Expo 2011, Xi’an, China
  • World Fairs, South Korea, Australia, Vancouver
  • North American Concierge Convention, Château Frontenac, Québec City
  • Rendez-vous Canada, the country’s largest tourist fair, Toronto Congress Centre
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inauguration of the Cominar Tower, Ste-Foy
  • Private performance for all the Canadian Prime Ministers, Vancouver World Fair
  • Calgary Winter Olympic Games, Alberta
  • Québec Tourism, New York City Harbour
  • National Arts Centre, Canada Day, Ottawa
  • Gala des Mercuides, Montréal Convention Center
  • Festival des films du monde, for its honorary president, Gina Lollobrigida, Québec City Hall
  • Futuralia”, Business meeting from 23 countries, Espace Dalhousie, Québec City
  • Rendez-vous ’87, International Gala, Hilton Québec
  • Inauguration of the Casino de Charlevoix, Pointe-au-Pic
  • Manoir Richelieu, Pointe-au-Pic
  • Private performance for Guy Lafleur and les Nordiques, Québec City
  • Private performance for the tennis players of Player’s International, Montréal
  • Private performance for Robert Campeau and his guests to celebrate his recent purchase of New York City’s “Macy’s”
  • Cirque Éloize, Corporative event, Hilton Québec
  • National Bank of Canada, Johnson & Johnson, Industrial Alliance, Pattison, Place Royale, Montréal, Groupe Jean Coutu, Just For Laughs Festival, Volvo, Canadian Tae kwon doe Championship, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec, Québec City…

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